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Friday, September 2, 2011

Android Goes to Space

Google's Android mobile operating system has certainly reached far and wide approaching around 40% of smartphone market share. The system will now reach even higher into the sky as it ventures into the depths of space aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis on its final voyage. NASA has decided to use the platform in attempt to lessen the manual load on astronauts. The device being used will be the Nexus S which will be attached to globe looking robots full of sensors. Ground control will be able to take control of these robots and move them around throughout the shuttle and space stations. The goal of the project is to use robots to gather data and let the humans do nothing but science so we can get more for our money. Android was chosen to its versatility and ability to be easily customized. It was simple to code an application to make use of sensors and make physical modifications to the device.

You can download the sensor application from the Android Market HERE and feel free to leave your comments on how you think this will impact the future of space exploration or any other random things down below. As always have a great day my readers.

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