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Monday, September 12, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: Seal

I am certain all of us have run into a situation where we need our smartphone to be locked but it becomes a hassle to unlock it every time right? Wouldn't it be nice if we could just selectively lock certain applications? Well now you can, and completely free today thanks to Amazon and their app of the day, Seal, which does just that. Normally going for $2.90 and receiving a 4 star rating on the store, this application allows you to group different applications so that you can lock certain things such as messages and email without locking the entire phone.

Description: Stop worrying about people reading your private messages when you're away from your desk at work. Never again fret about your children shopping for apps when playing with your Android device at home. Protect important apps such as Gmail, games, messages, your favorite app store, Facebook, twitter, and anything else from others using them. With Seal, you can group your apps into specific Situations, such as Work, Home, Party, Bars, and more. When you activate that situation, only the apps that you want restricted at that time are locked down. Create a Work Situation to keep certain apps such as your email and text messages locked when you are at work. Make a situation that locks mature games and Web browsers with a password when your kids want to use your phone. Add a situation for parties and clubs, just in you're at risk of losing your phone among strangers or want to make sure you don't end up texting you ex.

So good application? Survey says, YES! This android application is absolutely necessary and can add some of the easiest and most convenient protection to your device. The only thing I could think of as a problem though is someone uninstalling the application. However I suppose you should be able to lock down your settings and market application making that a bit more impossible so who knows. What apps would you like to lock down? Leave your sick and twisted comments down below and be sure to have as good of a Monday as you can. Bye!?

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