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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Windows 8

Hey all my wonderful readers. I just wanted to make a quick post letting you know about Windows 8. As of 8pm PDT tonight, Microsoft is releasing the developer build free of charge with no activation key necessary HERE. Keep in mind that since this is a developer build it is not perfect, probably far from it. I wouldn't recommend installing this as your main OS because of this. If you would like to try it out however I will include instructions below as to how this should be acquired.

Windows 8 offers quite a few improvements over Win7 and one of the most note worthy so far is the ability to run on ARM based processors. Windows 8 will also be pretty much the same across all devices including tablets, laptops, desktops, and phones. The idea here is a uniform way to work from home and on the go. The desktop will offer up either a Windows Mobile Metro UI flavor or a traditional desktop like what you probably see now. Overall the UI seems to be made in such a way that it appears wonderfully smooth and beautiful (MacOSX). Some of the great and wonderful features of this upgrade come on a less noticeable plane which is performance. Win8 uses less RAM and other system resources than others like 7 which will allow more processing power to the user. A major issue with computing can sometimes be task management which Microsoft has reworked in this new version to allow the task manager to freeze apps that aren't running on screen and more.

I can't comment on everything yet as I would prefer to wait on the dev build but what I can do is show you how you can try out your very own copy when it becomes available. First thing is first, you will have to download the file which should hopefully be a .iso file. The file will become available later tonight HERE. Once you have Windows 8 downloaded (this only will work if it is a .iso) you will need a disk image installer such as WinImage from HERE. From there you will have to install the .iso image to an external hard drive or flash drive. Once all this is completed you will be able to boot your computer from USB via the BIOS. Another option would be to use a Virtual Box to run the windows image while running another OS.

The question of the day is will you be using Windows8? I know I am waiting up to try it out right away. Let me know down below in that small white box that is the comment area and I will see you next time!? As always have a great day.

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