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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hobby Edition: HAM Radio

The Anatuer radio, or HAM radio as it is often called is designed specifically for commercial and hobby use. Such radios operate on only a select chunk of frequency and are used by radio enthusiasts for reasons ranging from talking to friends to testing if signals can be bounced off the moon. It is required to own a license for one to use a HAM radio and licensing is handled by Government organizations.

There are many forms of communications with HAM radio. Many people thing the only thing you can do is talk to people but this is not true. It is also possible to send text messages and other information using the allocated spectrum of frequency. Radio kits can be bought pre-assembled, in parts, or a DIY person can make one themselves.

The HAM radio is a great way to pass the time and reach out to the world around you. Perhaps you might be interested in checking out the hobby. Maybe one day you will find some amazing person on the other end of that receiver. You never know until you try though and so you should always try. As always have a great day.!?

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