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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Verizon Ends Unlimited Plan for Everyone

Today marks the true end to the Unlimited data plan on Verizon as the company begins throttling the speeds of users who use to much of their "unlimited" plan. Verizon states that this will affect only the top 5% of users, or those that use more than 2gb of data a month and only at times when cell towers are being taxed by demand. Either way this seems like a punch in the face to me. What is the point of still having an unlimited data plan if the moment you go over 2gb which is the amount of a tiered plan, your speeds get throttled to unbearable levels? In my mind Verizon just said screw you all, no one is going to have unlimited data. What truly sickens me even more is that Verizon was one of the few companies advocating for Net-Neutrality which would outlaw such actions. I get that it is necessary to take such actions in order to preserve reliability but this is just stupid. They could have just as easily added more cell towers, improve the bandwith, used better technology, or something. In our country we are already paying loads more for internet access at far lower speeds than many other countries including Japan making this all the worse.

What are your thoughts on the new throttling? Leave your angry or not so angry comments down below and as always have a great day my readers.

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