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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tyrannical Companies

It was only a few days ago I went on a rant about how Verizon was becoming a dictator and practically ending all users unlimited plans even if grandfathered in. Now today I have decided to yell at Sony and their decision to change the Conditions you must accept in order to use the PSN or Play Station Network. Lets start off by briefly explaining what the PSN is. It is a online gaming universe that allows people to play multiplayer games over the internet and much much more. Sort of like Xbox Live but free and completely different.

The reason I want to rant over Sony is due to there Terms and Conditions. These rules have to be accepted and followed for one to make use of the PSN network. The company suddenly changes those rules to completely block and consumers from joining a Class Action Lawsuit against them. The problem I find here is that Sony has pretty much said that no matter what they do, you can not defend yourself in court. This is in light of recent events including the suing of a hacker for publishing the PS3 console security key and security breaches in the company servers. In this way I feel Sony is becoming a dictator by taking away your freedoms.

What is it with companies now a day? Do you think Sony should be allowed to go through with this change? Leave your comments down below and as always have a great day. See you next time on NormanTech.

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