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Monday, September 5, 2011

Controlling an Android from your Computer

Many of you have probably at one time or another used a VNC client like TightVNC to control your computer from an iPod iPhone or some other mobile device. Have you ever wanted to do the opposite and control your device with your computer? I sure have and the time has come (For Android users at least) to take advantage of such technology. Droid VNC Server makes it so you can take control of your Android powered device by way of either a VNC client or web browser with Java support. You will need a rooted device to take advantage of the app but it is worth the risk.

Once installed all you have to do is click Start Server. Sometimes on my D2Global I have noticed that a force close is required whenever I wish to start or stop the server. Once the server is started two addresses will appear towards the bottom of the screen. The top most of those two will be used with VNC viewer clients which can be downloaded on your computer or other mobile devices (imagine using an iPod to control your droid). The bottom address will be for use in a web browser. Just type it in like you would any other URL and you will be presented with a password box. If you have one set just enter it and then a pop up will appear giving you total access. Just as a quick note, right click = back button. The process can be a bit laggy but overall very worth it as you can send text messages and anything else right from the comfort of a computer.

The application is supposed to work via wifi and mobile data however I have only ever gotten it to work on wifi. It could be the devices I am using but who knows. If you would like to try it out a link to the beta server on the Market can be found HERE, a viewer on the market HERE and if you want to use with your computer a link to TightVNC can be found HERE. Currently every system in my house is interconnected which makes it easy to have things like movies and music playing when I get home from a hard day of classes. What do you think about using VNC software? Leave your comments in the white box below and as always have a great day!?

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