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Monday, September 5, 2011

Amazon App of the Day: Camera Fun Pro

It's labor day weekend and your outside having a feast of a bbq taking family pictures and showing off that big screen in your house. I'm sure you want to take some reaction shots right? But a normal camera is so boring. Not after today with Camera Fun Pro being offered on the Amazon app store absolutely free for today only, think of it as a labor day sale. This application will give you special effects like X-ray to enhance your photo in all its amazing glory. If you have ever used Photoshop then think of this application as the filter option. Normally you would be stuck paying a measly $0.99 which to some is well worth the extra effects. Camera Fun received a 3 star rating on the store and a 4 star from me. It is a great app for what it does and if you are looking for some spice in those photos then this will work for you.

Description: Bring a new level of fun and customization to your photos with these unique camera effects. View the world around you through an X-Ray lens, or create images of canvas paintings with a single press. Camera Fun Free allows you to apply effects to your photos in real time, preview and try out different settings, then save and share your results with friends. Camera Fun Pro's 29 unique lenses include Alphabet, Avatar, Black and White, Blueprint, Bulge, Canvas, Chalk, Chess, Color X-Ray, Emboss, Glass, Light Tunnel, Mirror, Neon, Night Vision, Oil Brush, Pinch, Pixel, Poster, Sepia, Sketch, Stretch, Swirl, Thermal, Tunnel, Vintage Sketch, Watercolor, and Wave, and X-ray. Share pictures via Facebook, email, sms, etc

I've been playing around with the application for a bit now and overall the effects are done quite nicely. I recommend you check this out because it really is a great piece of software. If you take lots of pictures you will get even more use out of this but even people who take only a few will find themselves using the X-ray effect. Practical yet a great way to waste time if you're bored is what this free app is.

  • Multiple effects for pictures
  • Good quality
  • Easy sharing methods
  • Real time rendering of pictures/effects

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