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Saturday, September 3, 2011


In the time of today, communication is one of the biggest issues man must overcome whether it be a simple conversation between friends, a business deal, or the negotiation of peace between countries. Communication is not always easy either whether you just be shy, tensions are high, or simply due to distance. The latter of those excuses can now be crossed off the list thanks to improvements in Teleconferencing. What this involves is using the help of technology to communicate with people from great distances while seeming as though you are right there.

Webcam is a form of telecommunication that we can use right now. A live video stream is synced to an audio stream and beamed from one location to another using the internet. Large companies like to use this as a way to cut costs and increase productivity whereas government agencies use such technology to keep in contact. What the future holds is uncertain but what many believe is that we will see things like holographic projections of people. Think back to StarWars or StarTrek where holograms could be created and manipulated to simulate entire environments at some points. This kind of thing is already being experimented with as we speak and could very soon hit prime time in the market.

What do you think about telecommunication? Is it the new wonder technology of bringing people together or just a stupid excuse for people to avoid contact with one another? Leave your creative and or odd responses down below and be sure to have a wonderful day fellow humans.

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