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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tiny Robots Save Lives

Nano technology, not the nano like you find in that iPod of yours but Nano like small. Really small. So small that the human eye could only dream of seeing it without aid. As small as a cell if not smaller. That is what we are close to achieving. Nano robots which will one day swim through our veins like the blood we already rely on, traversing every inner working of our bodies with one goal and that is to repair. We as humans are fragile, easily we break, get sick and die but with the help of technology we will live forever! Or a little longer. Something like that.

Think of it like this, the nano bot machine is like a construction worker and a house is like a blood cell. The construction worker has the task of maintaining and repairing the house to keep it in working order and make sure that house can provide what it needs for the rest of the system that is society. Now think of a town as section of your body and a construction company as a swarm of Nano bots. They all work in unison to make sure every part of the town is working and well off. The city would then be your organs and a country or state would represent your entire body. Each of these construction workers, or nano bots, are working together on specific tasks to keep each part of the system running smoothly, if something breaks it is repaired. This is how Nano technology would work.

This technology has the potential to save countless lives and cure all disease. No one would have cancer any more, STD's would be a thing of the past. The only problem is this kind of stuff is years off. Will we see it in our lifetime? Possibly. Will this sort of thing go mainstream in the next few years, no. So keep dreaming of they day where the human race lives forever and begin picturing the horrors that come with it. Would you choose to live forever? Leave your answer down below and as always, have a great day.

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