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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Portal IRL

When Portal first came out, it was a revolutionary new style of game. It took the normal First Person Shooter and turned it into this amazing and wonderful puzzle adventure action game that took the player and placed them in the shoes of Cell, a test subject in the Aperture labs testing facility. As you play through the game you will use a device known as a portal gun to solve puzzles by making portals. Well since then the question has been raised of what would happen with a real life portal gun?

Well just imagine waking up in the morning, placing a portal in your closet and reaching through one on your wall to get clothes, same thing with food. Once your ready shoot a portal down the road and just step on through to wherever you need to be. Portals would make pretty much all forms of travel completely obsolete. Going to the moon would be as simple as shooting a portal on the ground on one towards the Moons surface. Talk about fuel efficient right? Well anyways, the main thing I wanted to get at with this post is there are infinite possibilities and one of them is portrayed in this amazing video below.

My question of the day to you though is what would you do with a portal gun? Leave your amazing comments down below and as always, have a great day. Oh and what did you think of the video?

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