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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drones Attack Washington

Technology, a great advancement to our society. We use electronics and other technology every day and it has become essential to our way of lives. Computers control everything from power to water and food. Without it we could not exist in our current form yet what happens when technology turns against us? Many were about to learn the answer to that question earlier in the day had a terrorist attack on the Capitol and Pentagon been successful. A 26 year old man decided over a year ago to use the power of technology to attack the center of our nation. The plan was to use two Remote Control (RC) planes modeled after fighter jets, packed full of C-4 explosives and fly the devices like Drones via GPS into the targets.

Thankfully this attack did not go through as the plot was foiled by undercover FBI agents. If anything this shows how vulnerable we are and sheds light on technologies dark side. The side used for violence and killing. We use increasingly High-tech weapons to kill our enemies yet we never stop to think of how it could be used against us. Technology is not intended to make killing more efficient but rather to better the lives of humanity as a whole. Acts like this sicken me but in this society attacks such as this could and most likely will become more frequent.

How do you feel about the recent plotted attack? Leave your comments questions and concerns down below and I will see you next time.

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