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Monday, October 3, 2011

That There Internet Done Make You Smarter

The internet in its most basic form is the accumulation of knowledge through the use of technology bringing everything together in one centralized and easily accessible form. If you need to find something, you can find it on the internet. The internet is literally a massive library filled with an ever expanding assortment of colorful good tasting candy smelling knowledge. Despite having such an amazing tool for learning we as a country rarely make use of it in school systems. Now please hear me out, I get that the internet can be a bad thing. But overall that kind of depends on the user does it not? Should we not reward good students with the privilege of more learning?

School systems across the country block out websites like Youtube and Wikipedia. In some cases even Google is blocked. The society we live in is centered around the use of computers and the internet yet we limit the access of our youth to such resources. So maybe it isn't a good idea to unblock everything in a school setting. But why is it that we can't let teachers and select students who earn the privilege access to sites like Youtube where they will be able to further their learning. Anything can be found online. If a kid wanted to learn how to build a robot, its online. Want to craft a delectable cake? That's on there too.

We need to move away from the past and embrace the future, bring forth a change in the way we educate the new generations. Should we let them roam free? No, not at all. I myself am in Highschool and feel this would never work. But would I like to look up programming tutorials and DIY projects? Would I like to be able to blog from school while I have nothing else to do? Yes I would. I want to learn more and yet the system around me continues to limit my growth. What do you think about limiting access to technology in a learning environment? Leave your comments down below and as always, have a great day.

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