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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple Receives Props

If you have read some of my previous posts then you may know I don't really like Apple. I tend to feel their products are overpriced and they control to much. I may try to be unbiased but that doesn't always happen. However I would like to give praise where praise is deserved and Apple has earned it. You may be asking yourself why I would want to praise a company I dislike so much and that reason is Siri, a voice control... no not just voice control but Artificial Intelligence for the iPhone. Siri is intended to be a personal assistant that will utilize cloud based servers to let users speak naturally into their phone and have results happen.

Imagine waking up and asking your phone "Should I wear a coat?" Your phone using Siri would probably reply "Yes" and then bring up a weather application to show you the freezing temperatures outside. The goal behind this software is that a user can speak naturally instead of being forced into a robotic mumble of commands coming from even the most advanced speech recognition I have ever seen coming from Google. Honestly I think this is a great idea. Whether or not Siri will actually work is yet to be seen but this could very well be the future we have been waiting for. Only time will tell if this catches on and how many lawsuits Google and Microsoft will face in the coming months due to following this idea.

What do you think about Siri as a way to interact with technology? How would you use it if it works? Leave your creative and amazing comments down below and if you liked today's post feel free to share with friends. If you love Apple then share this with your fellow fanboys and if you love Android than start asking nicely for a feature like this. As always, have a great day.

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