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Friday, October 21, 2011

Gaddafi Is Dead!

Tomorrow marked a wonderful turning point in the revolution going on in Libya. The now former Dictator, Gaddafi, has been found, shot, and killed. For those of you who don't know, Libya was under the influence of a rather horrible dictator by the name of Gaddafi and a few months ago, the people decided to stand up and shout "NO MORE!" at which point a long drawn out revolution would begin with Gaddafi using massive amounts of military force, including tanks, to kill the rebels. The UN eventually got involved to stop airstrikes which gave the rebels a fighting chance and started to turn the tides.

This is great news as the self imposed Dictator is gone but now starts a new revolution as the rebels must restart their entire way of life. They will be forced to develop a new government and a new system of living. Another controversial issue is what happens to all that oil? Some believe the main reason America got involved in this rebellion was to have more control over the large quantity of oil being exported by Libya. Perhaps eased tensions will allow for cheaper prices but the opposite could happen and lead to another war, yet again. Only time will tell unfortunately so we shall sit back and twiddle our thumbs until the day comes.

I ask you on this celebrated Friday, what do you think will happen now in Libya? Leave your comments down below and as always, have a great day!?

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