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Friday, October 21, 2011

Iris The Siri Replacement For Android?

So lately it seems everyone is copying everyone, Apple copied Google with most of the features in iOS5 (Notification Center) and now Android (which already had a feature just like this but not as polished) Has decided to copy Siri. An android development team took a couple hours, 8, to be exact and invented Iris. Iris is Siri's brother and is as you probably guessed, a voice controlled virtual assistant. Now let us please keep a few things in mind, this was created in 8 hours, this is in Alpha version, This is not finished.

Alright so the reason I say what i said is that Iris is not nearly as good as Siri just yet. For one, you are extremely limited in commands and responses. The application pulls information from the internet but even for simple questions like weather I got a basic answer despite saying a location out loud. Currently you can only voice search the internet pretty much as there is no ability to text, or update social networks, or pull location, or anything like that. There are other applications that can do this on Android (Assistant) but none are quite as polished. I feel that as time passes this application could become great and wonderful.

Alright so basically the thing is that Android can definitely stay ahead of the game thanks to its waves of great developers which do such wonderful jobs. Even if you don't like core Android you can just get Cyanogen mod or something else. Anyways, what do you think about Voice Assistants? Leave your creative wonderful and amazing comments down below and as always, have a great day. Oh ya, and if you wanna go get Iris from the market, there's a link for that :) HERE


  1. One step up for the Android system!

  2. Indeed. Now they just need to make Iris even better.

  3. You've committed the unforgivable sin. Calling an Android feature "not as polished" as an iPhone feature. Are you kidding me? Android has had a "notification center" built in from the very beginning. For all intensive purposes it was perfect then and it's perfect now.

    Not to mention there have been voice command apps on the market for damn near 2 years and voice actions have been baked into android since 2.2

    If I hear "not as polished" or "not as streamlined" one more time from an apple tard i'm just going to jump off a bridge.

  4. If you care to jump off a bridge please be my guest as it would only stand to remove one more troll from this world. If you had read any other of my posts you would soon realize I do not care for Apple products. I do however care for giving credit where credit is due and that includes towards Apple for their amazing job with Siri. Android has indeed had voice commands for awhile now but so has many other systems including Windows. Apple was just the first company to implement a fully polished system that had an astounding success rate for understanding the spoken language and responding. I'm certain you can't ask the built in Android voice for the weather. You are just as bad as Apple fanboys when you can't accept they did something right. For the record I own only one Apple device which is an iPod touch and I regret ever buying it. I still think they did a great job with Siri and a wonderful work implementing the Notification center.