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Friday, November 11, 2011

Rooting the Droid RAZR

Alright so the Droid RAZR is out. That phone we've been told will be the most amazing Droid yet. While the specs look great and so does the phone, what's the point if you can't control it? And so enters our friend Mr. SuperUser and its wonderful root access. Rooting an Android device will give you complete access to the device system and allow the user complete control. This can be a dangerous task and will void your warranty so do proceed with caution. There is currently no SBF for the RAZR which means you will be unable to restore the phone should you mess up.

Alright so on to the rooting process. Download this file HERE then make sure your device has USB debugging enabled (in the settings, application settings) Next just plug in your device to a windows computer, make the connection charge only and run the .bat file. There you have it, you, the proud owner of a new Droid Razr from Motorola should be happily rooted and destroying all the bloatware on your phone. Enjoy my friends and if you have any issues or whatever please leave a comment down below. As always, have a great day.

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  1. Hello,
    The DROID RAZR has got a beautiful design and an amazing display which comes in the thinnest case for Androids. The features and great specs are hard not to notice that you wouldn't mind some of its flaws.

    Daniel Smith